7host S.r.l ha provveduto alla cessione del ramo d'azienda avente ad oggetto l'attività di domini, hosting, vps, server dedicati, colocation e i servizi di posta certificata, alla società Seeweb S.r.l.
Seeweb s.r.l. subentra senza soluzione di continuità in tutti i rapporti giuridici, attivi e passivi relativi al Ramo e prima facenti capo a 7host S.r.l.
Dalla data del 10/02/2017, dovrete quindi fare riferimento alla sola Seeweb S.r.l. per qualsiasi rapporto commerciale relativo al Ramo, anche se sorto precedentemente a tale data.

Potete trovare tutti i riferimenti per mettervi in contatto con Seeweb sul sito www.seeweb.it
Vi invitiamo inoltre a registrarvi all'area clienti https://aop.seeweb.it

7host S.r.l provided with the conveyance of business branch for domains, hosting, vps and colocation to the Company Seeweb S.r.l.
Seeweb S.r.l. replaces all the legal relationships, active and passive, related to the branch and that before were reporting to 7host S.r.l.
Starting from the date of 10 February 2017, you must refer to Seeweb S.r.l. for any commercial relationship related to the branch, even though emerged previously to the same data.

You can found all details to contact Seeweb on website www.seeweb.it
We call on you to register your personal account on https://aop.seeweb.it

About Us

In the last few years, we have developed an expertise in Virtual Cloud Server or VPS services, and have adequate experience to back it up. If you use this service, you would be able to allocate memory resources, CPU and space on not just one machine, but on several machines together, each of them communicating with the allocated resources. This results in proper load balancing which would help you in managing the situation were a server to fail. And the best thing is that you can do without any of your services being interrupted.
We have been in this industry for quite a long time now, 12 years to be precise. Since our establishment we have offered dedicated servers, hosting, housing and cloud technologies to global clients across the worlds. Our clients are those entrepreneurs and managers who aware of the costs and efforts required in installation, management and upgradation of these systems, we are proud to state that several thousand of businesses have chosen us for these important tasks. This not only ensures that their systems are controlled effectively, but also provides them with freed up resources that can be used for other primary issues.
7Host has established its presence at all the major datacenters in Italy. Each of these is linked to our infrastructure to enable successful delivery of services. We have a very proficient and dedicated team that is ever ready to help our clients in case a problem arises. Our objective is really simple: support the customers and provide them with exactly what they need. And we have succeeded in accomplishing this.
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