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How does the system work

It is necessary to insert a banner with a code of 7Host in your website and everytime a visitor click on the banner, a cookie containing your affiliate code is sent to the visitor's browser.

If the visitor generates an order within 60 days our order entry system will detect the cookie and add referral fee to your account.


Each affiliate is payed on a per month basis: if amount due is at least 50 Euro you can ask for the payment with a wire transfer, a check (only UE residents) or PayPal.

Reporting and payment information is provided at you will be able to track the number of
qualified referrals credited to your site, as well as the amount of money you've earned.

What is the affiliate program

When you join our affiliate program, you'll generate extra revenue and increase the value of your site. offers a generous referral fee of 20% for all Subscriptions referred from your site.
A Customer visits your site, subscribes for one of our Business services… and we will pay you!

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