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What is the Master Control Panel

Through the control panel you can manage and configure the various services enabled with 7Host.

You can access into the Master Control Panel, which allows to manage all domains and web spaces, at login page using the master data entered during the registration of the first purchase. It is possible to retrieve your data in data recovery page. >.

The Master Control Panel is divided into the following areas:

1. WWW-Domain Management: to manage your web spaces and domains
2. Dedicated management: to manage the Dedicated Servers
3. Housing management: to manage the servers in co-location in our datacenter
4. Invoices: to view and download invoices
5. Master Information: to update your billing information and Master login data (username and password)

Hosting >> Business >> Control Panel
WWW-Domains Management Panel

Through the "WWW-Domain Management" panel you can access the control panel of the domain name or web space, make new activations, renewals, upgrades and buy credits.

To access into this control panel, you can click on the domain name of the Master control panel and contains the following services:
- Domain control panel:
1. DNS Management: to manage global DNS or individual records
2. Redirect: to redirect the domain to other web addresses
3. Personal Information: to update your password and personal information
4. E-Mail management (if enabled): to manage e-mail accounts

- Control panel web space (or web space + domain):
1. File management: to manage your files and folders (upload, permissions, updates)
2. E-Mail Management: to manage your email accounts
3. Subdomains: to create new subdomains
4. ODBC setup: allows the management of DSN connections for Access database
5. DNS Management: to manage global DNS or individual records
6. ASP.NET Version: to change the ASP.NET version installed on your webserver
7. Disk space: to read the disc space occupied and available
8. Bandwidth usage: to monitor daily and monthly bandwidth usage
9. Accounts FTP: to manage customized FTP accounts
10. FrontPage: to install/uninstall FrontPage extensions
11. Personal Information: to update your password and personal information
12. Website Aliases: to add a domain as an alias (hostheader) on your website
13. MySQL: to manage your MySQL DB with phpMyAdmin access

You can directly access into this control panel by the login page using the data entered during the activation of the webspace or domain name registration/transfer. The login information is available from the data recovery page.

IMPORTANT: in the first registration, login information for the "WWW-Domain Management" panel and the Master control panel are the same, so you have to update the data via the link "Personal Information" in order to differentiate their login information.

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