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Folder permissions management through CHMOD

On Windows servers it is not possible to use CHMOD commands as they are implemented only for * nix environments.
Anyway, it is possible to change the permissions through the control panel clicking on the "File Management" button .

The visualization of properties and attributes of the files and folders on the FTP client is not indicative of the real permissions applied on files and folders.

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How to setup the FTP client

Here are the data to setup the FTP client installed on your computer:

FTP Host:
FTP Username:
FTP Password: your main password
Port: 21

It is also necessary to enable the PASSIVE Mode and to disable Anonymous Access.

For some Macromedia Dreamweaver® versions it is necessary to setup the default folder as: ./

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Sending pictures using the webcam

It is possible to schedule the automatic sending of images from the webcam or from advanced FTP programs, but we recommend to limit the sending interval to 60 seconds to avoid the overload of server resources and then to have the IP banned from the FTP server.

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What is an FTP client

The FTP client is a software that allows to transfer files using the FTP protocol and so allows to transfer files from one computer to 7Host webspace.

To transfer the files on our server you can use any FTP client such as Filezilla, Cute FTP or WS_FTP.
There are some Authoring softwares for web pages with integrated FTP client such as Macromedia Dreamweaver® and AdobeGolive®.

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