7host S.r.l ha provveduto alla cessione del ramo d'azienda avente ad oggetto l'attività di domini, hosting, vps, server dedicati, colocation e i servizi di posta certificata, alla società Seeweb S.r.l.
Seeweb s.r.l. subentra senza soluzione di continuità in tutti i rapporti giuridici, attivi e passivi relativi al Ramo e prima facenti capo a 7host S.r.l.
Dalla data del 10/02/2017, dovrete quindi fare riferimento alla sola Seeweb S.r.l. per qualsiasi rapporto commerciale relativo al Ramo, anche se sorto precedentemente a tale data.

Potete trovare tutti i riferimenti per mettervi in contatto con Seeweb sul sito www.seeweb.it
Vi invitiamo inoltre a registrarvi all'area clienti https://aop.seeweb.it

7host S.r.l provided with the conveyance of business branch for domains, hosting, vps and colocation to the Company Seeweb S.r.l.
Seeweb S.r.l. replaces all the legal relationships, active and passive, related to the branch and that before were reporting to 7host S.r.l.
Starting from the date of 10 February 2017, you must refer to Seeweb S.r.l. for any commercial relationship related to the branch, even though emerged previously to the same data.

You can found all details to contact Seeweb on website www.seeweb.it
We call on you to register your personal account on https://aop.seeweb.it

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Components installed on 7Host servers

Following is the list of components installed on 7Host servers::

AspImage 2.x
AspEmail 4.5
AspEmail - EmailAgent 4.5
AspGrid 3.0
AspSmartMail 2.0
AspSmartUpload 2.03
AspTear 1.5
DynuCOM 4.0
GestPayCrypt - Sella Bank Payment Secure Gateway Compatible 1.0
W3 Jmail 4.3

Delivery of the server in Housing

The server must be delivered already configured with the information sent by e-mail from our technical support, or otherwise specified with our commercial staff.

The machine can be delivered either personally or by courier. It is necessary to inform us 24 hours in advance if delivered personally or to give immediate notice of your delivery of the machine to the courier.

In case of rack servers 19" remember to send the server rails.

Difference between Basic, Plus and Premium plans

All plans are offered with unlimited bandwidth and are differentiated by the services provided:

  • Basic plans include the following services:
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • 500 MB Disk space
    • 5 Mailboxes
  • Plus plans include:
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • 1 GB Disk space
    • 10 Mailboxes
    • Statistics Panel
    • 1 DataBase MySQL
  • Premium plans are hosted on reserved lower population servers and include:
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • 5 GB of disk space
    • 20 mailboxes
    • Statistics Panel
    • 2 MySQL Databases

All details and services included in each plan are available on this page.

Difference from Business plans and the Free plan

The servers that host the Business plans are faster with a lower population. This means that performances are about 100-300 times better.

Moreover, the services on Free servers are limited infact it is possible only to use ASP language and Access database and it is not possible to point domains to these web spaces.

DLL and customized components installation

It is possible to install DLL and customized components with the analysis and testing from our technicians.

7Host reserves the right to ask to the customer further information and the payment of a fee depending on the work to be done.

Folders in the web space and and permissions

Each web space contains the following default folders:

  • html: This is the folder where the website for the domain name points to. Inside this folder, you should place your main page as well as any other HTML files, scripts and images that make up your website.
  • html\public: This folder has read/write permissions for your scripts (e.g. FileSystemObject, AspSmartUpload, ...).
  • private: This folder is for advanced users. Scripts running on your site have access to this folder but the folder is not directly accessible from the web. You should place in this folder any Access databases (*.mdb) your site uses.
    If you are using Password Protection for your website, this folder is a good place to put your password text file.
  • logs: Every time someone visits your website, the system (IIS) updates the current log file. Your log files are stored in this folder and you can download them and delete them as you wish.

It is possible to setup folder permissions throu the webspace control panel, click on "File Management" button and choose from the combobox one of the following permissions:
- Read/Execute
- Write
- Write/Delete

Housing service offer

Housing Service allows you to set up your own server in our equipped data room.

It is possible to choose from one of the following Housing/Co-location service:

  • Single Rack (for single server with 1 or more rack units)
  • Half Rack ("half rack" with 20 rack units)
  • Cabinet Rack (cabinet with 40 rack units)
  • Miditower (server for MidiTower case)
  • Tower (server for Tower case)
How long will it take to 7Host to setup the web space?

Your webspace is setup within 24 hours during working days, even if, usually, it is setup within 2 hours.

How to collect your server in Housing

To have back your server you can choose to collect it personally by the holder or to use an express courier.

In any case please contact us at least 48 hours before indicating the courier and the date of collection.

How to point the domains registered with other providers to 7Host servers

If you do not want to transfer the domain to us, you can point it as follow:

  1. Subscribe one of the available plans specifying the domain you want to use
  2. Contact your domain registrar asking to change the information of name servers (DNS) in:
       dns1.7host.com    IP:
       dns2.7host.com    IP:
I already own a domain. Can I signup for a Hosting plan?

You have 2 options available:

  1. Subscribe a hosting plan without domain transfer to 7Host.
    In this case, as the domain registration is not included in the cost of the account, you have to update the Name Servers (DNS) of your domain with the following values (usually the registrar has a web interface from which you can manage domain information):
          dns1.7host.com       IP: 207234158208
          dns2.7host.com       IP:
    In this way, you will be able to point your domain to our server.
  2. Subscribe a hosting plan adding the domain transfer. In this case, the renewal of your domain is included in the cost and the transfer of the domain will be carried out by 7Host.
I have just received the activation email from 7Host but I cannot reach the website

- If your domain has been registered with another provider, you have to contact them asking to update the Name Servers (DNS), as follow:
      dns1.7host.com       IP: 207234158208
      dns2.7host.com       IP:
      and wait up to 72 hours, the maximum time required for DNS propagation on the net

- If your domain has been registered through 7Host you have to wait up to 72 hours, the maximum time required for DNS propagation on the net

Language and database supported

Here are the languages and databases supported by 7Host servers:

html, htm
ASP 3.0
PHP Version 5.2
MySQL (optional)
MSSQL Server (optional)

All 7Host servers have installed Windows 2003 and IIS6.

List of names for the Homepage

The home may be nominated by one of the following names in order of priority:


For example, if you have 2 pages one called default.html default.asp and the other appears as the default.html home in what is first in the list.

Recall that the default page created by our system in the new web space is the default.html, then you should remove it to see its homepage.

Webspace absolute path

The absolute path of your webspace is the following:
For example, if your domain name is test.com, the path is:

Windows server features

The new plans are activated on DELL Servers with dual Quad Core Xeon processor, running Windows® Server 2003 and IIS 6.

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